Nick Pes’ “Sunsets” Explores Slow-Burning Heartbreak In The Sci-Fi World

A synth-swelling heartbreak in slow motion.


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Australian synthpop artist, Nick Pes, released his sci-fi inspired video “Sunsets” where he takes us into an ethereal ride of aerated melodic bliss threaded with bass guitar, building a gradual tension in midtempo. Nick Pes suspends us right before the moment of heartbreak, where all the emotional tensions are in the air and our throats are cluttered with too many words, yet we can never formulate them into right sentences. It is a ear-stopper with its glimmering tune and hooky tones that makes it the perfect go-to banger whenever you need that somber bliss. Directed by Josh Harris, the video follows a couple who are at the tipping point of heartbreak in a sci-fi world:

“The thing about a sunset is that one happens every single day, some more amazing than the next but daily nonetheless – but if you allow yourself to experience it can feel like the most beautiful and important moment in the world. There’s a sadness because it’s an ending but it also marks a beginning. You can’t stop it from happening so you just have to go with it,” explained Nick Pes.

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