Let’s All Heal The Pain Of Getting Unfriended With Viigo’s “Ex Friends”

Unfriended…not even friendzoned D:


What’s worst than being friendzoned? UNFRIENDED. At least getting friendzoned gives you the rights for stalking and occasional emoji sharing, but being unfriended means the other party wants you outta their radar. Because we all have feelings and can get hormonal from losing friends, Viigo gifted us with “Ex Friends” – a dreamy buildup of pain-flushing choruses that outlines the cruel abandonment we experience from someone who stopped sending us Snapchats talking to us. The production is sculpted with glimmering soulful coats that feels like a sonic mint into our ears:

Viigo are social media About Us section slackers mysterious duo who don’t share much about themselves. But we Googled them and found out that they are an LA/NY duo who have been songsmithing together since April 2015. They have been dropping a bunch of singles since then. If you like cocktail of pop and soul, put Viigo as one of your top playlist baristas. Also, friendzone them on Facebook and Twitter.