Artificial Brothers Takes Us Into Emotional Collapse In Synthetic Textures In “Nothing Ever Comes”

Small infinities of despair and nostalgia.


Photo: Tommy Frost

Danish alternative rock quintet, Artificial Brothers, breathes in euphony in chaos with their latest ear-stopper, “Nothing Ever Comes.” It has a misty architecture that has crispy vocals embedded in the synthetic sea, which almost feels like an abstraction. You can hear the rhythmic clashes, but what sounds like a topsy-turvy arrangement yields a hair-raising effect. All the emotions in the ballad capture both the present and past instances of its sensation, leaving the listener into an emotional collapse. Play it below:

“Nothing Ever Comes” is from Artificial Brothers’ latest album, Helen, released on October 20 of this year. Known for their knack of carving moody, blue-eyed rock, Artificial Brothers glided into the alternative scene with their debut album Make Our Hearts Sway back in 2012. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.