Calvin Harris Explores Virtual Romance With “My Way”

Take swiping to the virtual level.


Calvin Harris shared his video “My Way” where we see him engaging in semi-romance/Sci-fi film in what appears to be a session of virtual reality. He’s in a farm just chilling as models dance around wearing casual to alien-esque outfits. It is a good pick-me-up song, where you can get carried with the hooky “Away, away, away” chorus:

The video also looks like Calvin Harris is modeling for some vintage/locally-made lines of plaid shirts and jackets. Anyways, that’s his latest single and if you can’t find him under the gossip #swift newsfeed, then you can find him in Vegas:

10/30 – Hakkasan (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

11/11 – Omnia (Las Vegas, NV, USA)