Explore The Whimsical Side Of Psychedelic Pop With Dot Plaza’s Industria

Bedazzling – often ambiguous – rhythmic journey.


Photo: Courtesy of Life is Right Press

Dot Plaza is an indie pop project made in California – you can tell by the “vibe” you get…that coastal, dreamy vibe only weather-spoiled creatives can craft because no matter how dramatically your shit spirals out of control, it’s all good. This form of soothing simplicity is present in Dot Plaza’s Industria. Embedded within the deliberate, kooky percussive waves and sheer choruses, the songs altogether feel like a lightheaded injection of chill-out substance into your veins. There are oddball instances where your neurons feel like stuck in a wheel of funkiness where random sound effects invade from here and there. Stream below:

Dot Plaza is the solo project of Erich Tomkinson who shared, “The album is anchored by the drums and percussion, but I think Industria is in a constant state of flux. I know Mom said, ‘Be home before dark,’ but I’d keep your flashlight on and explore this one to the end.”

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