Chill Down In The Daydreaming Spectrum Of Givers & Takers’ “Take Your Time”

A nest between dreampop and psychedelia.

Photo: Courtesy of Johanna Roessler-Smith PR

Photo: Courtesy of Johanna Roessler-Smith PR

Los Angeles-based quartet, Gives & Takers, shared their latest single “Take Your Time” where the four reminds us to stay present and digest every moment slowly with their overflowing tender harmonies that run with peaceful undercurrent. The single is a psycheier twist in dreampop that chills in your ears, pouring folk rock aura into your earholes. Shuffling through the pleasures of being in the moment and remembering to take the time, “Take Your Time” nudges you to luxuriate in slowing down:

Comprised of Zack Greewald (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Drew Bruchs (bass, guitar, keys, vocals), Mark Pollack (guitar, keys, vocals), and Alan Krespan (drums, samples, vocals), Givers & Takers were formed in Santa Barbara 2010. “‘Take Your Time’ was created to help us feel the sexy in the stillness,” shared Pollack. “In our world of instant gratification, it’s important to remember to slow down – sometimes the best rewards are a product of patience.” The single is from their recently recorded EP, which will be released in early 2017. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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