What If Pool Told You That Eargasms Could Go On “Forever Like That”?

A yacht of soft rock sailing into sunrise groove.

Photo: Kevin Bohla

Photo: Kevin Bohla

German trio, Pool, knows how to soundtrack sun-soaked momentums in the Mediterranean coast when you’re in the mood to sip electropop cocktail of ticking beats on soft rocks. Their track “Forever Like That” reminds you of a blend between Poolside and Work Drugs, where you’re tipsy enough to dance but at the same time injected with laid-back synthwaves:

And yes, in case you wondered, they can’t let go of summer. Check out their newest single “Holding on to Summer”:

They have tour dates coming up

Europe 2017 tour

1/20 – Musik & Frieden (Berlin, Germany)

1/26 – Salon Hansen (Luneburg, Germany)

1/27 – YUCA (Cologne, Germany)

1/28 – Vogelhaus (Bocholt, Germany)

1/29 – Taubchenthal (Leipzig, Germany)

2/9 – KOHI-Kulturraum (Karlsruhe, Germany)

2/10 – Soho Stage (Augsburg, Germany)

2/11 – Milla-Live Club (Munich, Germany)

3/10 – Uebel und Gefahrlich (Hamburg, Germany)