León Larregui Sends Us Fissons From The Ausangate Trek With “Birdie”

Fisson: skin ogasms from listening to music.

Photo: León Larregui - Birdie YouTube

Photo: León Larregui – Birdie YouTube

Underneath the breezy percussions, there is a starry-eyed recount of finding true love in New York in León Larregui’s “Birdie.” The music video, however, takes us all the way to the Ausangate Trek (Peru), the source of inspiration for Larregui’s newest record cover, Voluma. We see the Mexican alternative artist hiking in the trails while searching for his Birdie with his monocular. The track is an ode to love, with woozy lyrical snapshots that tell us the story of long-distance romance and first kiss. Hit play:

“Birdie” is from Larregui’s second solo project, Voluma.