Passerine Takes Us Into The Syncopated Layers Of Romance In “Undergrowth”

Peeling the layers of relationships.

Photo: Le Tans Photographie

Photo: Le Tans Photographie

Australian trio, Passerine, takes a rhythmically-fractured trajectory in their new track “Undergrowth” – unlike their galactic, smoky single “White Shadows and Grey Noise,” the new single is a more syncopated and sonically stratified piece. Yet the frictional loops in the rhythmic arrangements make it a dynamic track that is uniquely exquisite:

“I wrote lyrics about how the forest life cycle is similar to a relationship — we start at the top, fresh and green and new and eventually wind up on the ground where it gradually rots away. I think the song encapsulates that feeling of wanting to go back to the beginning of a relationship and that feeling of when you look back on a relationship at it’s end, how things often look better in hindsight.” shared Passerine. As of now, Passerine has show dates coming up:

11/17 – Untz Untz (Hawthorn, VIC, Australia)

12/3 – Folk Rhythm and Life Festival (Eldorado, VIC, Australia)

12/17 – The Old Bar (Fitzroy, VIC, Australia)


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