The Sore Losers Opens Up About Their New Record SKYDOGS & Why They Wouldn’t Perform Naked

Belgian rockers who work alchemy upon the raw ingredients of psychedelia, electronic, and alternative genres.

Photo: Alex Vanhee

Photo: Alex Vanhee

If you had only three words to describe The Sore Losers, aside from their own name, it would be “noir rock madness.” The Belgian quartet comprised of Jan Straetemans (vocals/guitar), Cedric Maes (guitar), Kevin Maenen (bass) and Alessio Di Turi (drums) started out in 2009 injecting their rock’n’roll steroids into the psychedelic arena. Their 2014 chart-topping record, Roslyn, vaulted them into the vanguard of European rock artists for their progressive sound shrouded in excruciating chords and arrhythmic drummings. With their newest record, SKYDOGS (produced by Dave Cobb), the four are able to work a melodic alchemy upon the raw ingredients of rock, psychedelia, electronic, and alternative genres. We had the pleasure to have a convo with the band about SKYDOGS, most challenging track, album cover, favorite acts, and why they wouldn’t perform naked.

How was composing this third album different from the other two in the past?

It all went down a lot faster as we wrote, tracked and mixed the album in 10 days. There was just no time to doubt or hesitate. So we went with our gut all the way without thinking too much about it. It felt great and I want to thank our great producer Dave Cobb again for believing in us and giving us the confidence to knock out this amazing record, which we are all so proud of.

What was the track that took the longest to finish in the album and why?

“Can’t You See Me Running.” We needed a definitive line for the chorus and I didn’t seem to be able to come up with the words needed for the song. You know after ten days of cranking out line after line, you kinda run out of ink you know. So luckily it was our guitarist Cedric who came up with lines and everything fell into place.

Which song in your new record do you guys look forward the most to play live?

Well it changes quite often because we like ’em all. But my current personal favorite is “Nightcrawler.”

I have only 10% battery left on my phone and can only play 5 songs. What 5 songs from the new album should I spend my last battery life?

“Blood Moon Shining,” “Cherry Cherry,” “Nightcrawler,” “Can’t You See Me Running,” and “Got It Bad.”

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity. Artwork by Elzo Durt

Why did you guys choose the artwork by Elzo Durt for your third record’s cover?

Because he makes great art obviously. We like his collage-like style. He is Brussels based so it was easy to meet up and discuss what we wanted. He did a great job and we get a lot of compliments on the artwork.

Who are your current favorite rock acts and why?

White Denim: very talent musicians, great guys, awesome music. We had the chance to play with them a couple of times and was just great. They are an amazing band live and on record.

What would you like to ban in your live shows? (i.e. selfie sticks, iPads, etc)

I don’t think you can ban anything as a performer, it’s part of the job to handle shit

You are given the choice between performing naked for 10 minutes or without any water for 1 hour. Which one would you choose?

As I made a pact never to play without my leather jacket I’d have to go without water

The world ends tomorrow and, like genuine rockers, you decide to throw a party. Who’s gonna DJ, play the rock show, and sing the closing song before you all die in flames?

Jon Peel should spin records, ’73 era Stones will play and Elvis shall sing the last song, ’cause he’ll always have the last say.

We vote The Sore Losers to play our pre-apocalypse rock show…at least they won’t be touching our last water supply. You can follow The Sore Losers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.