Jordan Alexander Showcases Her Vocal Prowess & Defies YOLO’s Expiration Date In “Take Me Out Tonight”

YOLO is inherent in this family.

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Start a fight, run for miles / Take me out tonight” chants Jordan Alexander in her single “Take Me Out Tonight.” The Toronto-based poptress showcases her powerhouse vocals and lyrical finesse that exudes a pop ambition that is both radio-welcoming and outsider-inclusive in her new ballad. Despite the thematic YOLO ambiance of the track, “Take Me Out Tonight” feels like a celebratory march for all the wallflowers and misfits to seize the night in their own way. Alexander makes it clear that you do not need to be part of a rave to have fun and her video is the antithesis of that. We see the songstress taking tequila shots, smoking weed, and skinny-diping with her friends and grandmother, defying all of our notions of what “fun” is supposed to look like and when is it supposed to expire.

The emotional charge of the single is found in Alexander’s voice – while the melody feels more cushioning and buoyant, her posh vocals emit magnetism that immediately captures your ears. Whatever silent knots are present in the soundscape, Alexander’s croons ties them up and make even the minimalistic moments feel sonorous.

Jordan Alexander started performing when her girlfriend gifted her a guitar and signed her up for Spectra Talent Competition in 2013, which she won by performing an original song. Since then Jordan has been working with her Grammy-nominated producer Gerald Eaton on her new EP. She has been touted as the “Next Gay Pop Star” by After Ellen and has opened for acts such as Jess Glynn in 2015. She has also shared stages with Tegan and Sara in 2014. Her new EP, The Lonely Hearts Club, will be coming up soon so stay tuned by following the gal on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She currently wrapped up her tour with Bif Naked and has a show coming up in 2017:

2/23 – Algonquin Commons Theatre (Ottawa, ON, Canada)