All You Want For Xmas Is Get High With Major Lazer’s “Christmas Trees” ft. Protoje

Aside from presents.

Photo: Major Lazer - Christmas Trees (feat. Protoje) YouTube

Photo: Major Lazer – Christmas Trees (feat. Protoje) YouTube

Let us give you some reality of what happens with the music industry during winter: Mariah Carey. Fuck. Basically it’s where her royalty payments resuscitate and whoever produced the most overplayed Xmas songs get $$$. Not that we have anything against Mariah Carey or her producers, but like the rest of nu-music seekers, we’re sick and tired of the overplayed shit. So if you are by the chimney cus your roommates are too cheap to turn the heater on in your ugly sweater hiding your Santa belly and feel all Xmasey, play Major Lazer’s “Christmas Trees” ft. Protoje. Next thing you know, the chimney’s fire will serve a higher purpose than warming your butt…see what we did there? HIGHER purpose ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you don’t know who Major Lazer is then seriously reflect back on what went wrong in the past two years of your life. Protoje is a reggae dude from Jamaica.