Cortes Shares A Snap Of Their Rock’N’Road Life In “Facing My Fear”

The new buzz of UK’s indie rock.

Photo: Cortes - Facing My Fear YouTube

Photo: Cortes – Facing My Fear YouTube

Cortes is the indie rock trio who are goosebump-worthy to blast as you head on to the holidays. Their new video, “Facing My Fear,” offers a glimpse of their rockstar life on the road where we see them doing all sorts of shenanigans on the road and rocking their sweats out onstage. Hit play:

There is an edgy zest to the sound of Cortes that makes the trio your go-to booster whenever your ears need a refresher to cool off your neurons. Comprised of Andy (London), Sam (Devon) and Marijus (Vilnius, Lithuania), Cortes have been shaking the inide rock scene in London since late 2013. “Facing My Fear” is the third singe of the band, who have already captivated a wide fanbase and BBC radio for their previious songs “Towers” and “Close To Nowhere.” They will be releasing their new EP in 2017, so for now follow them on Facebook and Twitter.