Aquilo Shares How They Celebrate Friendxmas In “So Close To Magic”

Retro 90s style home video.

Photo: Aquilo - So Close To Magic (Official Video) YouTube

Photo: Aquilo – So Close To Magic (Official Video) YouTube

British pop duo, Aquilo, shares their own spirit of Xmas and ugly sweaters in their new music video “So Close To Magic.” The video follows the duo prepping for their Friendxmas party and having a blast with their cronies. The chintzy, 90s-home-video aesthetic evokes a sense of nostalgia and takes us back in time when we couldn’t spot a touchscreen on the dinner table. While the song is minimalistic, the chemistry between the chest-swelling vocals and breezy piano taps creates a positive spark – the perfect laid-back holiday jam. Now, before you watch, if you HAD TO choose a holiday outfit from the video, which one would you choose?

We’re going with this dude. Aquilo may have owned our ears, but Santa’s helper definitely owned the night. He looks the closest one to magic.

He slayed the Xmas fashion.

This dude is magic.

Aquilo’s debut record, Silhouttes, will be out on January 27.