Party Your Ears Out With The Funky Popgasm Of THANKS & Sam Sparro’s “Your Man”

This is a butt-shaker.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records. That’s Sparro’s school pic with THANKS mustard.

What happens when pop-kissed house meets funky disco? It naturally becomes a genre-mutant, but depending on who fathered it, can be a hit or miss. If THANKS and Sam Sparro are listed as the parents of such offspring, then clicking play (and “repeat”) is the most appropriate step to take. Their latest popgasmic house single, “Your Man,” is a funk-loaded disco ball that will bomb you with butt-shaking thumps and zany highness. Be the cool house connoisseur who spins this at the party – you might get laid you’ll get THANKed for Sparring everyone over what to play:

THANKS is comprised of Anders SG and Anders B because like names think alike. Sam Sparro, their longtime Alphabeat friend and the hit master behind “Black & Gold,” wrote the track with the Anders team in his LA studio over the summer.

“We’ve always been big fans of Sam and have been dreaming to work with him on a THANKS track” shared Anders (which Anders? You’ll never know). According to Sparro, “Your Man” is a track that will help “guys who are trying to win over a new guy or girl.”

If you are curious how Anders look like, follow them on Facebook. And if you wanna admire Sam Sparro’s mustache, he’s also stalkable on Facebook.