Love Ghost Rocks Out In Grunge Fashion In “Forgive Me”

Up-and-coming indie rockers on the rise.

Photo: Love Ghost "Forgive Me"- official music video YouTube

Photo: Love Ghost “Forgive Me”- official music video YouTube

LA-based quartet, Love Ghost, takes us wandering in the desert and rocking in grunge fashion at church in their new video “Forgive Me.” The first half of the video has a Spaghetti Western touch to it, where we see the frontman Finn Bell walking in middle of Buttfuck Nowhere and later taking us into a funky church. The song shrouds us into the abstract soundscape where the distorted melody and semi-cryptic vocals gives us rare, aesthetic chills:

Love Ghosts have already received shoutous from the rock world and have opened for artists like The Tubes, Berlin, Ozomatli, and Buckcherry. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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