Experience The Freezing Euphonious Waves Of Fabian Luttenberger x Alexanderson’s “Electrolyte”

A soundscape where all states of matter exist.

Photo: Fabian Luttenberger x Alexanderson - Electrolyte YouTube

Photo: Fabian Luttenberger x Alexanderson – Electrolyte YouTube

There is a bone-chilling waviness effect that effortlessly flows from your ears into your entire system in Fabian Luttenberger’s and Alexanderson’s “Electrolyte.” The track feels like listening to a euphonious synthphony between liquid drops and glassy vocals that experience a smoky, soulful collision. These two electronic producers are mad scientists when it comes to songsculpting the perfect atmosphere where all sonic states of matter can exist (nerd joke aside, just hit play below):

According to Fabian, “Electrolyte is a song about rejuvenation and relief. How one person can satisfy all your desires and bring you back to life.”

Fabian Luttenberger is an Austrian house producer who is reasonably stalkable on Facebook and Instagram. Alexanderson is a British electronic producer who is a bit harder to stalk but still reachable on Twitter and Instagram.