Kiss Your 2016 Nostalgia Goodbye With RAC’s Remix Of Goldroom’s “Lying To You”

Time to RAC ‘n’ roll for one last time before 2016 ends.

Photo: Goldroom - Lying To You (RAC Mix) YouTube

Photo: Goldroom – Lying To You (RAC Mix) YouTube

2016 was either the best or worst year of your life. Whatever the case was, RAC’s version of Goldroom’s “Lying To You” pairs the nostalgia/longing that we’re all feeling as the year approaches its end with the right pizzazz of electropop buoyancy. Granted, the track expresses the longing for someone, but you can always interpret it however you want it…as long as you do it mentally and don’t go trolling on the Internet. Hit play:

RAC currently wrapped up tour, received 2nd Grammy nomination, and now looks like Waldo on his laundry day:

Photo: RAC Facebook

Photo: RAC Facebook. Nerd.

Goldroom has some DJ shows coming up:

1/3 – Bardot (Miami, FL, USA)

1/5 – Corona Sunsets (Cartagena, Colombia)

2/3 – Bijou (Boston, MA, USA)