Face Your Inner Demons With Krusoe’s Smoky Sedative Track “Rivers Run Riot”

Smoky electro folk.

Photo: Krusoe - Rivers Run Riot YouTube

Photo: Krusoe – Rivers Run Riot YouTube

Oxford-based electro master, Krusoe, takes us into a haunting and surrealistic ambiance with his debut video “Rivers Run Riot.” There is a pinch of melancholia that glows within the splendid combination of Krusoe’s celestial voice and gossamer soundscape that makes your eardrums experience the slip to madness. Stream below:

“‘Rivers Run Riot’ is about the madness of love and its tumultuous nature.” shared Krusoe. The video, directed by Daniel Harris, follows a man who battles anxiety and depression. We see the man getting haunted by his alter ego (the dude who’s always grinning) and going through an inner struggle. The blurry transitions from one scene to another give us a vicarious experience of how antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills can distort one’s reality.

“Rivers Run Riot” is from Krusoe’s debut EP, Give Up The Coast. The EP is comprised of four tracks and semi based on Odysseus’ journey and Krusoe’s own upbringing in the seaside. While Krusoe does not have any upcoming show dates yet, you can hit him up digitally via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.