What Do You Call Spiritual Rock With A Pinch Of Doomful Folk? Three Words: One Man Dancing

Hope music for realistic pessimists.

Photo: One Man Dancing - Blank Page (Official Video) YouTube

Photo: One Man Dancing – Blank Page (Official Video) YouTube

There is a rare comfort found in the dooming air that permeates in One Man Dancing’s “Blank Page” – the contemplative rhythmic friction between the strings allow meager quixotism to seep into the soundscape. It is a track that suspends you on a spectrum where rock’s boldness coexists with the temperate elements of folk. Stream below:

One Man Dancing is a new rising band from Buenos Aires, Argentina and started off as the solo project of Agustin Samur back in 2012. Since then, the band has added new members including Meri Samur (bass and vocals), André Samur (guitar, vocals, and synths) and Javier Ojeda (bass and vocals). “Blank Page” is from their upcoming LP, Memories of a New Home, which will be released sometime this year. Meanwhile, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.