Upgrade Your Life With Kiesza’s White Guitar, Holographic Suit, & 80s Hair From “Dearly Beloved”

Annnnnd white docs.

Photo: Kiesza - Dearly Beloved YouTube

Photo: Kiesza – Dearly Beloved YouTube

Canadian poptress, Kiesza, makes a tribute to her friend who passed away nearly a year and a half ago in her new music video “Dearly Beloved” where we see her rocking her crony’s white guitar in chic 80s pop. The holographic suit, white Dr Martens, and pearly guitar give the video a bold pizzazz that immediately engages you:

Kiesza’s currently based in New York and is a multi-talented artist – she’s a trained ballerina (hence the moves), makes her own art, and even a former sailor. She has written for other artists including Icona Pop and Rihanna. Her 2014 single, “Hideaway,” caught the media attention and topped number one on the UK Singles Chart in BBC radio. For 2017, she has plans of releasing a new record.