Aquilo Showcases A Fresh, Perky Sound In “You Won’t Know Where You Stand” And You’ll Love It

Silhouettes Trilogy: Part 1

Photo: Aquilo - You Won't Know Where You Stand (Silhouettes Trilogy : Part I)

Photo: Aquilo – You Won’t Know Where You Stand (Silhouettes Trilogy : Part I) YouTube

UK duo, Aquilo, is mainly known for crafting moody pop that gives you bittersweet comfort. But the two-piece band is ready to showcase a more buoyant soundscape while retaining their old-school complexity in their upcoming album Silhouettes. Their latest music video, “You Won’t Know Where You Stand,” does not have any of their signature moodiness and exhibits an uncanny melodic arrangement that is laid-back perky. Like most of their other works, “You Won’t Know Where You Stand” is not so naïve as open to the listener’s interpretation:

Aquilo’s previous five EPs and videos have always been filled with down-to-earth storylines that placed us to a coming-of-age momentum and their latest single does that. However, this time it takes us further by shedding away the moody layers and using light undertones. Aquilo’s transition to more upbeat sound alongside their signature bittersweet one is something that we can all look forward to in Silhouettes, which will be out on January 27.