They Called Him Zone Brings Hypnotherapeutic Dark Ambience With A New Record

Aesthetic distortion of ambiance.

Photo: Crown Swan Wolf's cover artwork by Joolz Denby

Photo: Crown Swan Wolf’s cover artwork by Joolz Denby

British duo, They Called Him Zone, showcases their unerring knack of translating abstract emotions into concrete rhythms that wrestle between dark existential air and seductive smokiness. Thy recently shared their new singles “Just Fall” and “Devil Dying” from their upcoming sophomore record, Crown Swan Wolf. “Just Fall” has a delicate inflection of dark tone that swishes through your ears, injecting rhythms that that fit into every type of existential emotion:

“Devil Dying” has a moodier undertone filled with emerging cluster of samples and sequencers that go exploding at the right moments:

Crown Swan Wolf will be released on February 20th via Bandcamp and it is the follow up of their acclaimed EP, Miami, which has already gained recognitions from media and new fans. No tour dates yet.