Aquilo’s “Silhouettes” Will Take You On A Slow Dance To Nostalgia

Part II of Silhouettes Trilogy.

Photo: Aquilo - Silhouette (Silhouettes Trilogy : Part II) YouTube

Photo: Aquilo – Silhouette (Silhouettes Trilogy : Part II) YouTube

After leaving us in suspension in Part I of their Silhouettes Trilogy, Aquilo dropped Part II titled “Silhouettes” – which reveals some family history of the protagonist. The track feels like a soothingly slow-motion waltz where we get to indulge in nostalgia. The deliberate compositional texture has glints of uplifting pop embedded within the percussions that build up to a chest-swelling momentum – at one point, you know that the protagonist’s dad is gonna break down and if he doesn’t, you will:

Silhouettes will be out on January 27 and has already given us glimpse of their new buoyant sound as well as their iconic dark flair. Aquilo has a show date coming up:

1/26 – New Slant–Kingston (London, UK)