Pond Commercializes Life, Parodifies Jesus, & Showers With Existentialism In “Sweep Me Off My Feet”

When reality doesn’t meet expectations.

Photo: Pond - Sweep Me Off My Feet YouTube

Photo: Pond – Sweep Me Off My Feet YouTube

“Between my penis and my chin is Camembert and shame, / I used to be elegantly thin, I’m sorry babe, we both missed that train,” chants Pond in their quirky, new music video “Sweep Me Off My Feet.” The Australian psychedelic rock quartet takes us through various commercialized scenarios where we see happy families running through the beach and office workers having the time of their lives. It is grossly shiny and mockingly euphemistic of the reality that we all live in and Pond makes sure that whatever depiction of “reality” we see in the media is the equivalent of pyrite. Because beneath those shiny layers, we are all crying our eyeliners out with existentialism:

“Sweep Me Off My Feet” is from Pond’s upcoming record, The Weather, which will be out on May 5th. Pond started out in 2008 and became widely known for their March 2012 record, Innerspeaker. Three members of Pond (Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson and Shiny Joe Ryan) are also the members of Tame Impala. As of now, they don’t have tour dates coming up.