Join The Party Squad With Donatachi’s “A/S/L” Ft. Tashka & Blair de Milo

Future pop.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie producer, Donatachi, takes your party squad to a future pop level in his party starter, “A/S/L” featuring Blair de Milo and Tashka. The outré compositional arrangements of various motoric beats yield a syncopated texture that makes “A/S/L” an ear-stopper. Break the awkward silence of the first hour of the party by blasting it:

“The song itself is not so much about sexting and cheeky snaps, but about how so much physical interaction has been substituted with technology, how the feeling of seeing a notification from a particular person can have that same feeling of excitement as if you were with them IRL.” shared Donatachi.

The Aussie producer has spent the past year honing his style and has been making his mark in the Sydney night scene. With the help of Sydney singer Tashka and Brisbane artists Blair de Milo, he has been able to songsculpt this squad party jam. You can follow Donatachi on Facebook.