Posh Pop & Poolside Waltz Meet In Ralph’s New Video “Tease”

The poolside squad.


Photo: Ralph – Tease YouTube

Toronto-based songstress, Ralph, takes her dreamy waves of pop into a chic pool setting in her new video “Tease” where we see the gal with her squad fluttering around the water. The song exudes an air of youth naïveté where we hear Ralph playfully chanting how the other person is being a tease. What makes this video the perfect one for this song is that Ralph and her squad are the ones who tease its viewers with implicit seduction. Watch below:

“Tease” is from Ralph’s upcoming debut EP, which will be out on March 3rd. Ralph has been creating buzz since last year by seamlessly blending banging elements of disco and pop in her works such as “Busy Man” and “Something More.” Follow Ralph on Instagram.