Restore Your Teenage Love Spirit New Portals’ New Video “Stereo”

Adolescent love.

Photo: Stereo [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - New Portals YouTube

Photo: Stereo [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – New Portals YouTube

The best way to transition your way into spring is restoring your teenage love spirit by waltzing with the starry-eyed, sparkly song of New Portals’ “Stereo.” And if you need some Irish countryside inspiration, their new video features the frontgal Ruth Aicken who basically takes you on a choreographic tour to the cinematic woodlands. Coated with stratified layers of synths and echoes, “Stereo” emits a frisky air that buoys you along the chest-swelling trance. Resuscitate those adolescent hormones and fall in love again:

“Stereo” is from New Portals’ debut EP with the same title that will be out on March 10th. This Belfast-based indietronic duo have been making quite a buzz with their soothingly dark tone that adds an extra dimension to their multifaceted soundscape. They have already toured in Europe and US, so keep an eye for new tour dates as we get closer to their EP release. And if you live in Austin, see them live:

3/17 – Latitude 30 (Austin, TX, USA)