Alesso Goes From A Producer To Programmer In His AI-Inspired Video “Falling”

No doubt he could also fix your WiFi.

Photo: Alesso - Falling YouTube

Photo: Alesso – Falling YouTube

Normally, AI-inspired plotlines involve machines revolting against their creators and wiping out the human race. But if the programmer happens to be Alesso, it’s a whole completely different story – in his new video, “Falling,” Alesso is some kind of mad programmer who gives life to smoking hot AIs. It starts off with some hot AI engaging in a solo racy dance before another male dancer finally joins her. The video’s got Alesso working, reminder to get Brazilian wax, six packs we’ll never have, and HP product placement – shoutout to Director Henrick Hanson:

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Latin America 2017

2/24 – Centro de Convenciones Guayquil (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

2/25 – Agora de Casa Cultural Quito (Quito, Ecuador)

2/26 – EDC Mexico (Benito Juarez, Mexico)

North America 2017

3/18 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

3/24 – Ultra Music Festival (Miami, FL, USA)

3/24 – Story (Miami Beach, FL, USA)

3/25 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

4/1 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

4/8 – Euphoria Fest (Austin, TX, USA)

4/9 – Phoenix Lights Festival (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

5/6 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

5/7 – Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

5/20 – Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

5/27 – Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

6/3 – Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

6/4 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

6/11 – Spring Awakening (Chicago, IL, USA)

6/16 – Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

6/24 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

6/25 – Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

7/1 – XS (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

Europe 2017

6/30 – Bravalla (Stockholm, Sweden)

7/21 – Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium)

8/3 – Weekend Festival (Parnu, Estonia)

8/11 – Medua Sun Beach Festival (Valencia, Spain)

8/12 – Smukfest (Skanderborg, Denmark)

8/25 – New Horizons (Nurburg, Germany)