Beach Fossils Is Back With “This Year” & New Record – 2017 Is Getting Better

Life will become a beach again.

Photo: Beach Fossils - This Year (Official Audio) YouTube

Photo: Beach Fossils – This Year (Official Audio) YouTube

As we leave winter and bunch of artists are finally getting out of hibernation, 2017 just got better with the new Beach Fossils’ single “This Year.” The Brooklyn-based trio, Beach Fossils, have been quite MIA in the #NewMusic realm since they released their last record Clash The Truth in 2013. But now they are back with a new single from their upcoming album, Somersault, which will be out on June 2. Feel “This Year”:

“This Year” is a string-powered, laid-back track that nudges you into an ethereal atmosphere without completely pushing you into it. You won’t get a song coma, but a comforting sedating sensation that will make you shuffle through all your new year’s resolutions. Think of it as reflective Xanax that makes you picture a vision board minus the stress of filling everything out. Somersault is the third record of Beach Fossils, who have been crafting lo-fi, rock since 2009. As of now the trio hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.