Lea’s “Such A Lovely Thing” Is The Dark Pop Your Alter Ego Has Been Waiting

Slick dark pop.

Photo: LEA - Such a Lovely Thing (Official Music Video) YouTube

Photo: LEA – Such a Lovely Thing (Official Music Video) YouTube

There is softness in the tonality of Lea’s vocals in her edgy electropop, “Such A Lovely Thing,” that feels like your eardrums are being covered in black mesh. It feels smooth, but you can also feel a roughness on it that reminds you of the dark undertone hiding beneath the slick, minimalistic soundscape. The video, directed by the renowned photographer and artist Kelly Cappelli, captures Lea interacting with her alter ego in the most posh and anti-norm fashion:

“I wrote this song and made this video about my relationship with my alter ego. The sensuality, the ignorance of it, the total embrace. The dance between genders, which was very prominent for me growing up. The battle between fragility and strength, femininity and fortitude. I learned how to represent myself in whichever way I wanted (which is still sometimes a struggle) and I met others who were doing the same. Their complete embrace of fluidity inspired me. So I created this video as an ode to myself, to them, to anyone I’ve met who represents and celebrates more than the mundane.” shared the gal.

“Such A Lovely Thing” is from Lea’s upcoming EP Fever Dream, which will be out this summer. She has a show date coming up:

3/3 – C’mon Everybody (New York, NY, USA)