Benson’s “Trying” Ft. Yeo Is Your New Spring Break Sleek Banger

It hits the spot.

Photo: Courtesy of Small Fry. They only sent us this photo, no fry…

Aussie electronic producer Benson and vocalist Yeo restores your spring break zeal with their new collab “Trying” – an invigorating cascade of twinkling synths, slithery buzz, and bone-vibrating thumps that drench your auditory G-spot. Yeo’s lush vocals ushers you to the emotional side of the soundscape where the frustrations of trying to make someone understand is as brainfucking as pronouncing gif. Is it geef or jeef? Who da fuq knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but “Trying” is easy to pronounce, even when you’re wasted so you can request it to le DJ:

“Trying” is the first single of Benson’s boutique label, Medium Rare Recordings. It already hit Spotify’s Viral Hits, Brand New, and New Music Buzz, so go memorize the lyrics by heart. The single is the first feature from Yeo’s collaborative record with Benson, which will be out sometimes this year. Keep up with Yeo by following him on Facebook and don’t forget to admire Benson’s eyebrows.