Haerts Capture The Abstract Side Of Love In Their New Single “Your Love”

Cure your Haertbreak.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

After a yearlong of suffering Haertbreak, we finally got gifted with a new song from Haerts. The Brooklyn duo released their video for “Your Love” and it captures the raw, unfiltered form of love. Swirling us into the psychedelia-heavy and electronically stretched ambience, “Your Love” has an abstract compositional texture that sets your endorphins into the chest-swelling chaos. Parallel to the song, the video is a blurred-out fusion of colors where the abstract visuals model the complexity and irrationality of love:

“Your Love is a song about us,” shared vocalist Nini Fabi.  “It’s the crazy and almost reckless feeling that comes with the uncertainty of a love. The wish for answers that can’t be given, or an endpoint that I think does not exist.  I don’t want to love you if you can’t love me now. Trying to rationalize something that can’t be rationalized.”

Directed by the multi-disciplinary artist Julian Klincewicz, “Your Love” is the first music video that Haerts has released since their yearlong absence. Founded in 2011, the indie pop duo debuted their self-titled record in 2014 and has toured with bands such as Washed Out and St. Lucia. As of now, they don’t have any tour dates.