Ängie’s “Spun” Is Your New Favorite Haute Mess Banger

Meet the illegitimate offspring of Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus.

Photo: Wilful Publicity

Let’s face it – genetic engineering is still in its fetal stages that we can’t create an edgy poptress who possesses the glamour of Lana Del Rey and no-fucks-given air of Miley Cyrus. But luckily we have Sweden and even luckier, the country has a new haute mess sensation Ängie. Just imagine what would happen if Lana Del Rey and Miley mated in a one night stand and produced an illegitimate offspring. That’s the best way we can describe who Ängie is. The electropop singer shared her latest single, “Spun,” which aces the hit formula – its simplistic hooky thumps and rushing momentums makes it an indulgent rococo of clubmade pop:

“Spun” spirals you with themes of sex, drugs, and love as Ängie sees them. The Swedish gal, who has already stirred controversies and boosted tabloid profits with her tracks “Smoke Weed Eat Pussy” and “Housewife Spliffin,” is taking over the pop scene in Europe with her dirty glamour. As of now, she has a show date coming up.

4/5 – Gold Dust (London, UK)