Take A Psyche Pop Trip To Vegas With Vox Eagle’s “No Sleep”

Sleep is overrated.

Photo: No Sleep – Vox Eagle YouTube

Aussie/American electro-psyche pop duo, Vox Eagle, takes us into a road trip to Vegas in their video “No Sleep” where the dessert landscape and sunset highlights the rich vastness of land. The track has an electropical touch to it that guides your adrenalines to the nearest pool party. But unlike other basic tracks in the DJ’s list, “No Sleep” hinges experimental ambience with psyche-synthpop beats that makes it a refreshing soundscape to dance/chill and everything except sleeping:

Comprised of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel, Vox Eagle formed after Crosby and Hamel became cronies after touring together while they were in another band. “No Sleep” is from their upcoming EP, which will be out on May 26th. The duo self-produced and engineered the entire EP on their own and recorded across the country including mountains in Colorado, forests in upstate New York, Los Angeles, Vegas, Mojave Desert, and many more.

“I think the reason the songs are turning out to have some flavor and depth is that Andy an I share a core of stuff we both love dearly.” explained Hamel.

You can find the duo on Facebook and Twitter.