Meet Your New R&B/Jazz/Hip-Hop Infusion Songstress Cailin Russo

Multi-talented bombshell.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

“I didn’t mean to be so cold / Oh no, there you go / My September rose” chants the LA-based songstress, Cailin Russo in her debut single “September Rose.” Roses face an impending doom in September and Cailin utilizes that as metaphor for a young romance bound to end. Riding through a midtempo fluidity of bluesy production and jazz layers, her lyrics uncoil and lay out insights to a love affair that started at the wrong time. Throughout her croons, Cailin delivers hip-hop verses in bursts that exquisitely fit into the overall flux of the song:

“September Rose is about a young love relationship happening and isn’t working because it’s not the right time.” shared the up-and-coming songstress.

Daughter of Scott Russo (frontman of punk band Unwritten Law), the 22-year-old LA singer has always been surrounded by music. “September Rose” is her debut single that showcases her talent in maneuvering different genres to produce distinctive sound that translates emotions into noise. As of now, the gal does not have any live shows coming up so go follow her on Facebook and Instagram.