R. Missing’s “Kelly Was a Philistine” Is Your New Go-To Nihilistic Track

Nihilism in darkwave.

Photo: R. Missing – Kelly Was a Philistine (Official Video) YouTube

“Kelly was a philistine the last time we met, / So why are we getting along?” chants the smoky, processed vocals of R. Missing. With a mysterious moniker like that (and refusal to reveal their names), you can’t help but indulge in the multi-layered haziness of R. Missing’s soundscape where a comforting sense of impending doom permeates. Doesn’t matter if every cell in Kelly carries the philistine gene – you get along:

With a dark undertone that matches the David Lynch-like aesthetics, “Kelly Was a Philistine” feels like a neglected track for its gloominess; however, strangely enough, the semi-depressive tone is what makes it so appealing. It is hypnotic and captures you into a numb state where the echoing buzz takes you to a darkwave coma. The same effect is present in their new EP, Unsummering, which was released back in March 3rd and includes “Kelly Was a Philistine.” Stream below:

Not much is known about R. Missing except that they are a he/she duo from New York and have treceived comparisons to Velvet Underground, Chelsea Wolfe, and Morrisey from other presses. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.