The King’s Parade’s “Haze” Frames Infatuation In Soulful Euphoria

Perfect track to pair with your Instastalking.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

What happens when you become infatuated with someone? You play The King’s Parade’s “Haze” cus nobody in this entire universe can understand you except for this song. The British quartet released the strings-glimmering track that permeates an air of bluesy pop to capture the chest-pounding moment of falling for someone. The suave vocals of the frontman Olly Corpe seamlessly glides you to the euphoric experience in the most mellow fashion:

“’Haze’ describes the feeling of helplessness when you fall hard for someone. You’re drawn in and you indulge yourself in the moment. You surrender to that feeling and see where it takes you.” shared the quartet.

“Haze” is the follow up of the band’s debut EP, Vagabond, which gained wide acclaim from various press and lead to headline shows in Europe, including sold out ones across Germany. As of now, The King’s Parade have a show date coming up:

3/11 – Oslo (London, UK)