Let Your Body Experience R&B Popgasm In “Deja-vu” With Scarlet Pleasure

Esoteric mixture of pop and R&B.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Danish trio, Scarlet Pleasure, pushes the limits of pop in the most exquisitely, transcendental way with their new single “Deja-vu” – a syncopated pop piece that thumps with an R&B air. Pairing glistening chords with fed-up choruses, it is an esoteric track that is far more appealing to your body than your mind with its plops of synths and steady bass. Stream below:

“I need the space to get over you” chants Scarlet Pleasure. Admitting an addiction towards a romance based on bad habit, “Deja-vu” juxtaposes indulgence with frustration. The song conveys the same mesmerizing effect of Disclosure with a sophisticated, bluesy twist reminding you the likes of Frank Ocean (which isn’t surprising since they worked closely with Ocean’s producer Om’Mas Keith). Scarlet Pleasure has become one of the most avant-garde artists in the Danish music scene in the last three years. “Deja-vu” is the follow up of their debut album, Youth Is Wasted On The Young, which was released a year ago. Since then, they have headlined the legendary Danish Roskilde Festival. As of now, the trio doesn’t have any tour dates so go follow the three on Facebook and Instagram.