Eddy Yang’s “Split The Night” Is Your New Carpe Noctem Rocker

Seize the night by splitting it.

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

With woozy guitar strings that evoke an easygoing atmosphere, Eddy Yang takes us on a carpe noctem endeavor with his single “Split The Night.” The indie rocker from LA crafts a wistful scenery with flourishing chords and sparse dose of riffs that embody the youthful spontaneity of two people wanting to live their nights. “Though you never really knew me / I see the fire burning through the night / The passion is never ending” chants Eddy with his naturally easygoing voice. He could be singing about two earnest lovers, one-night encounter, or friends – the open-endedness lets “Split The Night” be whatever you need it to be. Stream below:

“Am I ever going to be myself? / Maybe we can be somebody else?” Eddy pushes the idea of seizing the night by idealizing it as an opportunity to be someone beyond oneself. Lyrically, the track veers the listener in a broad, mind space where they acquire a renewed perception towards the night. While “Split The Night” is not layered with chest-swelling synths, there are electronic beats that crop up throughout the track. By keeping the rhythm modestly embellished with processed thumps, Eddy is able to maintain the raw quality of his work.

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Citing artists such as The Velvet Underground, Beach House, and Bruce Springsteen among his influences, Eddy Yang is a rising artist currently reciting in Los Angeles. His knack of fusing modern and retro styles into his work provides his listeners with an outré experience. You can find Eddy on Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.