Blond Ambition’s New Video “Stupid Boy / Girls” Is A Sweet Middle Finger To The Traditional Notions Of Gender

Transgender solidarity.

Photo: Faith Silva

With his own aesthetic flair, Blond Ambition stands up for solidarity for the trans community in his new music video “Stupid Boy / Girls” where we see drag queens blurring gender boundaries and metamorphosing into roles that they feel most authentic. Buoyed with chest-swelling percussions and synth-coated buzz, “Stupid Boy / Girl” feels like a sweet fuck-off to outdated notions on genders that society holds. Play below:

“For someone to know who they truly are and not be able to be that person because of fear and hate is an epidemic level spiritual tragedy. I hope things get better, and I think they will,” shared Blond Ambition.

“Stupid Boy / Girls” is from Blond Ambition’s debut record Slow All Over, which will be out on May 19. Blond Ambition is the solo project of Brian Harding who was part of the acclaimed Brooklyn project Ex Cops. After touring LA, he fell in love with the city, decided not to leave and started Blond Ambition. The project, as you can tell from its moniker, carries the “attitude influence” of Madonna. You can find Blond Ambition on Facebook and Instagram.