Let Colour Castle Reign Your Party Playlist With “Love Addict”

Eclectic beats meet diva vocals.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Sydney producer, Colour Castle, wants you to toss away those lamestream, overplayed remixes and step it up by playing his outré electronic/diva crossover, “Love Addict.” It’s got all the ingredients of party music – think of a hodgepodge of house adrenaline, funk air, and disco stickiness – with the vocals of a mysterious diva who sounds like she’s high with love. Hit play:

“The inspiration was to strive for a classic house sound built around a core of orchestra hits and string elements.” shared Colour Castle.

Who’s the vocalist? All we know is that she’s from the UK and has worked with some platinum-selling artists. But if you really want to find out, we suggest you to physically stalk Colour Castle to his shows or go holla at him on Facebook. Good luck:

4/7 – Prohibition (Brisbane, Australia)

4/8 – Greenwood Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

4/8 – Taylors Rooftop (Sydney, Austraila)

4/16 – Club Raiders Pool Party (Byron Bay, Australia)

4/22 – Chinese Laundry (Sydney, Australia)