Sia’s Army Of Wigs Join Brooke Candy In Her Video “Living Out Loud”


Photo: Brooke Candy – Living Out Loud ft. Sia YouTube

American songstress, Brooke Candy, is the bilateral portrait of glossy and unglamorous sides of art. Her new video, “Living Out Loud” featuring Sia, is a depiction of her own aesthetic expression and at the same time the hustler side of her. The video pairs two extremes together to convey the importance of embracing the outcast within every individual…and the undeniable fact that love is love. Also, Sia is raising an army of wigs:

“Living Out Loud” is from Brooke Candy’s debut record, Daddy Issues, which will be out in spring 2017. She became known after co-starring in Grimes’ music video “Genesis” and for her 2014 EP Opulence. Before hitting the spotlight, she has held odd jobs including stripper, photographer, and mannequin dresser.