The Island Club Takes Us Into Summer-Drenched Popfest With “Paper Kiss”

Kiss your ears.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

“Welcome to the island where there is hardly any sun” chants the frontman Michael Askew of the British indie band, The Island Club. It’s an odd introduction considering the sun-drenched melody that beams a dance-inducing atmosphere that fuels you with summer highness. Lyrically, “Paper Kiss” takes you to a funky space whereas sonically it sends you spiraling to a playful pop arena where you feel like dancing is the only justice that can be done with this song. Play:

“Paper Kiss” is the follow up of their viral song, “Let Go,” which already amassed million streams on Spotify within a few months. The band – comprised of Michael Askew, Julien Forsythe-Lewis, David Blowers, Sam Cantion, and Barney Cox – have already built a wide fanbase and had a sold-out show. You can find the quintet on Facebook and Instagram. Or go see them live:

5/17 – The Haunt (Brighton, UK)