Let La Felix & That’s Nice’s Single “Delicious” Breeze Your Ears With Cathartic Disco-Pop

Exquisitely simple and boldly rich.

Photo: La Felix (left) and That’s Nice (right). Photo couresy of Mammal Sounds

Mexican producer, That’s Nice, and New Zealand producer, La Felix, unveiled their hightly addictive collaboration “Delicious” – a well-crafted, cathartic banger that delivers refreshing disco thrills with hooky pop trimmings. Things kick off with raindrop-like fingersnaps before “Delicious” quickly render up to a sleek blissful stream of sparkling chords, piano thumps, and tinkling synths. Stream below:

La Felix and That’s Nice is a producers match made in Internet – they met online and started shooting ideas via emails before “Delicious” was born.

“When we first started it, I sort of got the Daft Punk vibe, which is one of our main influences. We wanted to keep it very simple just like that Daft Punk song ‘Get Lucky’; small instrumentation but every instrument playing its part, having its moment throughout the song, and not overdoing it with production,” shared That’s Nice.

You can find That’s Nice on Facebook and La Felix on Facebook as well.