Experience The Heart-Splitting Love Triangle Of “Not Your Girls”

Music video from Alexan Films.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexan Sarikamichian

There is a pristine boldness when it comes to teenage romance – you never see adolescents half-assing love. It’s all or nothing. Argentinian director, Alexan Sarikamichian, captures this teenage passion in his music video “Not Your Girls” featuring Piscis Machine’s “Imanes” (“Magnets” in English). We get immersed into a lesbian love triangle where the two-timing protagonist lets her scrupulosity slip away and become dominated by her carnal desires. While there are rated R scenes, the eroticism serves as an aesthetic framework for embracing one’s sexuality and living in the moment. Stream below:

Directed and produced by Alexan, the film stars Rigoberta Del Tesouro, Agustina Leal, and Anahí Roy. Originally from Argentina, Alexan has produced a number of films including Pude ver un Puma” (“I could see a Puma”), which got nomintated in The Cannes Festival. He transitioned into the role of director with the music video “Chicos” (“Kids” or “Guys”) and has directed a number of short films. As of now, he is working on his new short film “Evil Twins” which will be out later this year. Go holla at him on Facebook and Instagram.


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