What Completes You Is Always Celebration-Worth In New Portals’ “Fill Me Up”

Synthpop massage to your ears & mood.

Photo: New Portals – Fill Me Up [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] YouTube

What’s the biggest puzzle that completes your life picture? Irish duo, New Portals, explores this question in their new video “Fill Me Up” where the two become judges of a talent show that demonstrates the passions/addictions of the contestants. The hypnotic vocals of Ruth Aiken nestles us into the glistening soundscape of dripping chords and cushioning ambiance that leaves you hanging in a dreamlike trance. Watch & repeat:

“We were interested in what people choose to fill their lives with, whether it is a job, drugs, having babies, spirituality, or all of those things. We started writing a ‘make out’ song but it snowballed into something deeper, and turned into a celebration of how different we all are.” shared New Portals.

“Fill Me Up” is from their EP, Stereo, which is out now:

New Portals (comprised of Ruth and Mike Aicken in case you want to stalk them independently) have already gained raving reviews from press for their knack of pushing electronic experimental boundaries that hits your ears with invigorating punch. Their sound has a distinctive flavor compared to mainstream hooks, yet conveys the same stickiness. Speaking of stickiness, stay glued to what they’re up to by following their Facebook and Instagram.