Lose Your Nocturnal Soul To The GENTS’ Synthpop Single “Lost In The City”

Pop with 90s tweak.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Danish duo, GENTS, wants you to waltz with uncertainty – their latest single “Lost In The City” is an odic electropop that takes you to a heart-racing, mellow chillsphere. The arrhythmic drum kicks and sharp thumps dash through your system like the fear of the unknown; however, the smooth pacing ambiance and sonorous vocals of Niels Fejrskov Juhl command you to chillax. Oddly enough, you obey – making “Lost In The City” a hypnotically rejuvenating track that feels like you’re on Xanax back in the 90s. Smash that play button:

GENTS summed up “Lost In The City” as “Bruce Springsteen finding himself in a 90s club” and has described the song as an opportunity for them to experiment with new elements. “[The song] has opened some doors and pushed us in a new direction. The last part of the song is in many ways a nod to our time in Berlin, where we spent a lot of time in the nightlife”

The other half of GENTS is Theis Vesterløkke (synths & production) who has been songsculpting with Juhl for their upcoming LP About Time, which will be out on April 7. GENTS will start hitting stages on May:

Europe 2017 tour

5/4 – Radar (Aarhus, Denmark)

5/5 – Pumperhuset (Copenhagen, Denmark)