March Into Swedish Summer With RÅNDA’s Folk Single “If Only We Were So Young Now”

For all you naturists & wanderers out there.

Photo: Courtesy of RÅNDA

With glinting banjo and echoing smokiness, RÅNDA’s new single “If Only We Were So Young Now” opens up by painting a sublime soundscape where we vicariously experience Swedish summer in the woods. The piercingly gentle vocals exude a disarming comfort that immediately zones you into the gorgeous imageries. Stacked with strumming guitars, laid-back percussions, and invigorating accordion, “If Only We Were So Young Now” is nestled in the perfect midpoint between poetry and comfort folk. Stream below:

“The influence behind this track is a traditional Swedish folk melody. A melody supposed to be played on violins while the people of the village walk together, heading for big events, a so called “march” or in Swedish: “gånglåt”. To give our song this momentum, we wrote our own march, inspired by the old traditional ones, and let the violin play it during almost the entire song. We wanted to write a “march” for the summer, for the days when you gathered up and headed for your own summer sanctuary, away from all the troubles. In our case, the cliffs just by the lake in our home village.” shared RÅNDA.

The single is the follow up of their track “Proud,” which has amassed them a wide fanbase and media shoutout for their dexterity in honing modern folk with traditional Swedish elements. Originally from Rättvik, Sweden, RÅNDA is a six-piece act who have been songsmithing since 2012. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.