Mashup Monday: Katy Perry vs. Dua Lipa “Chained To The One”

A Lipa’s schmear to Perry’s rhythm.

Photo: chained to the one – katy perry + dua lipa (mashup) YouTube

Katy Perry’s explosive hit beats of “Chained To The Rhythm” get vocal-whipped with a new poptress, Dua Lipa. The rising poptress from UK rose to a viral level with her debut “Be The One” and has been burgeoning in the charts, press, playlists, etc. While the melodic variety is far more present in Dua Lipa’s “Be The One,” the two hits still meld well together and gives a thumpier twist to Lipa:

Shoutout to bagel for schmearing Lipa’s vocals into Perry’s soundscape gracefully.